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  • Shown above are the lovely cover models for the original release of Blaze of Glory: Kaida and Velvet width:348;;height:512
  • My OTTB Togetherwefly (Jaime). He was the best ever - I still miss him. width:512;;height:485
  • The first time I saw this boy's picture, I almost fell off my chair. It was as though Seth, my entirely fictional character, had leapt off the page and come to life. But no, he's not actually a golem folks. This is Jesse Drent, a talented horseman, and his mare Andorra. I was thrilled when he agreed to be the cover model for the original and current releases of Look Twice. width:512;;height:397
  • I love this photo; it really shows Jesse and Andorra's love and trust for each other. You can watch Jesse and Andorra on YouTube. width:322;;height:512
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