Meet the French Bulldog

Breed Profile:

The French Bulldog is a playful and alert small breed who is happiest when surrounded by family. The Frenchie is said to be a quiet and well-mannered dog that does not bark unnecessarily. Bred primarily as a companion dog, the French Bulldog does have a protective nature which makes him a good watch dog as well. As with other short-nosed breeds, the Frenchie may snort and snore when sleeping.

Frenchies are not high energy dogs so do not require a lot of exercise. They do enjoy daily walks and outdoor activities but because of their short noses, they should not be exercised on hot, humid days.

His coat is short, fine and smooth. Ranging in colours from brindle, fawn, cream, white, brindle and white, brindle pied, and black-masked fawn. Two distinctive features of the Frenchie are his bat shaped ears and the flatness of his skull between his ears.

Bullmarket French Bulldogs

Bullmarket French Bulldogs –

A Bit of Breed History:

The foundation for the French Bulldog breed came from the old Bulldog of 150 to 200 years ago in England. Around this time, a group of breeders developed a smaller, lighter Bulldog of 12-25 lbs in weight. This dog had either upright or rose ears, rounded foreheads and short underjaws. It is said that they also had a bit of a terrier temperament. These dogs became quite popular in the English midlands and soon were taken to the North of France where many people emigrated during the industrial revolution. Once in France, their popularity spread from Normandy to Paris and soon they became known as the Bouledogues Francais. Over time, a more uniform breed was developed: a dog with a compact body, straight legs, and without the extreme underjaw of the English Bulldog. Their ears were either erect “bat ears” or “rose” ears.

Americans travelling to France fell in love with the little dogs and began bringing them back to the United States. Popularity of the breed skyrocketed until after World War I when the numbers began a decline that would last 50 years. By 1940, the French Bulldog was considered a rare breed and only 100 were registered with the American Kennel Club. The 1980s started to show signs of a resurgence in popularity with numbers increasing to 632 registrations by 1990. Since then, the popularity of the French Bulldog has soared and by 2006, there were more than 5,000 registered with the AKC alone.

For more indepth reading on the history of the breed, see Understanding the Breed’s History from the French Bulldog Club of America

Did you know?

· In 2015, the French Bulldog made it into the Canadian Kennel Club’s top 10 list of most registered breeds for the first time.

· The American Kennel Club ranks the French Bulldog as the 6th most registered breed for 2015.

· The French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA) was founded in 1897 and is the oldest club in the world dedicated to the French Bulldog breed.

· The French Bulldog was first exhibited at Westminster in 1896 and a Frenchie was featured on the cover of the 1897 Westminster catalog even though it was not yet an approved AKC breed.

· Originally the French Bulldog had both “bat” (upright, rounded ears) and “rose” ears (folded over ears). American fanciers of the breed preferred the “bat” ears and this has carried over into the breed standard.

A Few Facts

~ The French Bulldog’s weight range is from 18-28 lbs (8-12.5 kg)

~ A bit of information about Colours of the French Bulldog:
Colour in French Bulldogs from the French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada
No Fad Colors from the French Bulldog Club of America

Nifty French Bulldogs –

For more information about the French Bulldog breed, see For a list of breeders, see the Breeders page as well as the Breed Clubs page, and be sure to check out the Breed Rescues page where French Bulldogs are occasionally available for adoption.

  • Bullmarket French Bulldogs
    Bullmarket French Bulldogs -
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Lookaway French Bulldogs

Lookaway French Bulldogs –

Bullmarket French Bulldogs

Bullmarket French Bulldogs –

A Few More Facts About Frenchies

French Bulldogs as Therapy Dogs

When training a dog to become a Therapy Dog, certain qualities are required: The dog needs to be obedient, friendly, calm, and comfortable around strangers among other traits. One breed of dog that generally fits the criteria is the French Bulldog. Frenchies are very even-tempered by nature; are wonderful lap dogs; and quiet and friendly companions with adults as well as children.

Frenchies and Celebrities

Just to name a few: Lady Gaga, Zach Braff, Hilary Duff, Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman are all proud owners of Frenchies — making them celebrities in their own right from being published in the tabloids.

Movie Star French Bulldogs

Frenchies have been featured in many movies and television shows, including: From Hell starring Johnny Depp; Secondhand Lions with Michael Caine and Robert Duval; and Bringing Down the House with Steve Martin. A French Bulldog can also be seen in the movie “Titanic” portraying a Frenchie that actually did travel on the ship.

Singing French Bulldogs

Although French Bulldogs are known to be quiet dogs, barking only when there is a reason to do so, they do like to vocalize via yawning, yipping, snorting, snuffling, gargling and even singing along.

Madame Bulldogs

Madame Bulldogs –

Paris Moon Kennel

Can. Ch. Paris Moon Bona at 12 months
Sire: INT.CH. Store Linde’s Kleos Le Regal, Dam: Can. GR. CH. Vanesa Draczyn
Owner: Renata Dabrowski – Paris Moon Kennel


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